1. Patts

  2. Airport

  3. Singapore Airport

  4. Bali

  5. Bali

  6. Bali

  7. Bali

  8. I think this is the last of my Cambodian photos, unless I find some on some miscellaneous roll. After this experience my advice to EVERYONE is to do charity work at one point on your life, it is the most rewarding experience I have to date. Can’t wait to go back this year!

  11. This boy was the cheekiest little shit, one day he threw a worm and my friend and I but it was legitimately impossible to be mad because he was so damn KUT3

  12. Brothers

  13. Jess and Kai

    The bond formed between these two in just a week was so beautiful. Tears were shed by both on our departure :(

  14. Kampong Speu

  15. I don’t usually write excessively on my blog but my most recent trip deserves it. For three weeks these holidays I travelled to Singapore and Cambodia for a mission trip with 23 College friends. We were to work and teach in two impoverished schools in Cambodia’s countryside.

    To say the least, the experience was eye opening. Considering the devastation caused by Pol Pot merely 30 years ago, the general nature of the Cambodian people was inspiring, and the unconditional love shown by the kids was unparalleled.

    Unfortunately I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted to. Once in Cambodia I realised I was on a mission trip, not a holiday. I was there to work and teach, not constantly take photos. So majority of the photos I took have something behind them. My instagram has a couple more if you’re into that so cop it a follow @siajanfred. I’ve got two more rolls on the way so stay tuned for more xoxo