1. Zig Zag Hill

  2. Kalamunda

    (Source: pineapplenipples)

  3. Floreat

  4. Floreat

  5. Back 2 Skewl (uni)

  6. First week acom had the whole team living in one big room sleeping on straw mats, with two shared showers and toilets. This is the sunrise on a 6am wakeup call

  7. Singapores general lack of sky creating 70% humidity 

  8. Somewhere North of Perth

  9. Perth Winter

  10. Scarb Pizzy

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  11. Scarborough 

  12. Doubleview 

  13. Doubleview

  14. I’ve made a new link on my page that has all my tagged sky photos, click HERE to check them out, some are really beautiful!

  15. Scarborough